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Arabic language. most of you must think about Al Quran once you heard it. it, mostly, refer to it. or maybe, once you heard or read about it, we must think that there must be some religion things inside that. but since the beginning, I've started to think that its just one kind of language, one kind of things that different people far from arab will write and read and talk with. or maybe most of the middle-east asia.

theres this one moment i've always recall. one of my elementary friend, so sudden, said "guys, look. theres arabian writings in the bin (or somewhere it shouldnt be i cant memorize clearly). the one who write it absolutely going to hell!" ive always kinda recalled this moment and it made me thinking, so if someone who write those arabic letters or sentence in those kinda place (kind of bin or those 'unethical' place), he/she/they must've been bad and deserve hell?

then one day, im going to saudi arabia and looking around places before arriving to mecca, THERE IS some words wrote right in the big bin (idk what its called) and im thinking that this whole country must've used arabic language and writings in their daily basis, dont they? so there'll be no bad words in arabic language? well, its not this simple. still, this language is one of human way to communicate.i mean, it is just like another language, right. so, if you use this language in a proper way, i mean, like you write bin in arabic( سلة المهملات) then it will be okay, rite? the you stick it to your own personal bin, maybe in case you are forget what is that in arabic. but it will bad if you stick a sentence of Al Quran in place that you shouldnt.

stil, arabic still one of the language. but is that all?

"Indeed, We have made it an Arabic Qur'an that you might understand."
(Az Zukhruf : 3)

it is easier for us to understand. actually we dont need to ask for more like 'why should it be easier? why cant it be in our own language, or anything else' because Allah have said it in our holy Al Quran besides, its our prophet verbal language. together with shohabiyyah. and most of islamic knowledge was written in this language. and its beauty vocabulary. even its words arranged in mostly 3 words. easy right! for its eminence, therell be alot! which i cant probably write it down. read it here. (sst, its in indonesia though, sorry for the inconvnience, still couldnt find any source in english)

in my thought, when you try to learn smething about islam, learn it from its source, would be essential. when we learn about islam, we should learn it from arab or maybe middle-east. and they actually, as far as i know, they are wrote in arabic. even Imam Bukhari,  which i hope you know it, wrote his kitabul hadits in arabic. his well-known Shahih Bukhari. (he is actually born and raised in bukhara, locted in  uzbekistan).

thats arabic. 
for me, thats quite enough how important to learn arabic.

learn islam by learn it from west, like you know, i just heard some people willing to learn islam from america or somewhere, then probably learn it with english and then back to indonesia then called kyai, is something odd. learn it from the source much much better. haha (i insist!) 

so, why dont we start to learn it little by little? we dont need to master it, as long as that could make us understand, that'll be enough.


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